Philips HeartStart Trainer 3

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The Philips AED Trainer 3 prepares emergency responders to use the basic functions of the HeartStart FR3. It simulates 8 ERC/AHA compatible training scenarios for a realistic training environment that includes shock delivery and CPR.

The HeartStart Trainer 3 includes:

  • HeartStart AED 3 Trainer 
  • Training Pads III Electrode
  • Interconnect Cable
  • Rigid System Carrying Case
  • Training Infant/Child Key
  • External Manikin Adapter
  • Instruction Manual


Realistic FR3 simulation prepares trainees for real world use

The AED Trainer 3 replicates the FR3 including the same speed of delivery, pre-connected pads, infant/child key, and voice commands. You can become familiar with the basic functions of the FR3 before confronting emergency situations so you can respond with increased confidence and speed.

8 training scenarios to simulate realistic conditions

With eight lifelike training scenarios, the AED Trainer 3 helps you become familiar with the basic functions of the HeartStart FR3 under realistic emergency conditions. These scenarios are compatible with ERC/AHA guidelines.

Complete instructor control for customized training

The AED Trainer 3 provides instructor controls so you can manage your learning environment and test your students’ response to a variety of situations. Choose training scenarios, pause, and resume again so each trainee receives the maximum benefit from their training. The remote control allows you to change scenarios on-the-fly. And the AED Trainer 3 is language configurable, giving you the flexibility to train in a wide range of diverse settings.

*Shown with optional remote