Philips HeartStart AED Battery Onsite Home FRx

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This is a genuine OEM Philips battery for the Philips HeartStart OnSite, Home, and FRx AED. The Philips battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery that will typically last for four years and has 200+ shock capacity just like the original battery. These are Philips factory fresh batteries and come with a Philips 4-year warranty. Read why you should not use third-party AED batteries

Fits the following AEDs

  • Philips HeartStart OnSite M5066A
  • Philips HeartStart FRx 861304


  • Philips Lithium Ion 4-Year Battery - Philips 4 year-warranty when purchased from an authorized Philips distributor like First Responder Systems
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn't require recharging
  • Install-by date printed on the back of the battery

We ship the freshest batteries to give you the longest life. We are an Authorized Philips Distributor.

FAQs about the Philips HeartStart Battery

  • When does my HeartStart battery expire? The battery is labeled with an install-by date of at least 5 years from the date of manufacture. The standby life is typically 4 years when the battery is installed and when stored and maintained according to directions provided.
  • How many shocks are in a new m5070a battery? Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of operating time.
  • When does my Heartstart battery need to be replaced? When a low battery is detected, the unit will start chirping and the status indicator will change from the ready-for-use state to a low battery state.

Alternate part number: M5070A

Using a third-party battery inside a Philips HeartStart AED at any time during the service life of the AED will void the Philips warranty because a third-party battery may compromise the integrity of your Philips AED. Furthermore, if any patient use occurs with a Philips HeartStart AED that has ever been used with a third-party battery, or while using a third-party battery, Philips will not be responsible for the AED’s performance.