AED Wall Cabinets

An AED cabinet will protect your Philips AED and provide visibility incase of emergency. Choose from basic cabinets to AED wall cabinets with lights and sirens. 

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  • Secure-Pull Seal, 10-pack (for use with Wall Mount)


    Philips Secure Pull Seal 10 pack

    Philips M3859A secure plastic pull seal for attaching defibrillator case to wall mount or cabinet. Seal is intended to deter theft and indicates tampering, yet is easy to "break away" for use during an emergency. Recommended for all customers who have an...

  • Philips AED Awareness Sign Placard - Red


    Philips AED Awareness Sign Placard - Red

    Raise AED awareness by putting an AED Awareness Placard above every AED located in a public area. Easy-to-understand graphics raise awareness of passers-by about how to use an AED in an emergency. Great for office settings, sports clubs, public...

  • Philips AED Wall Sign Red 989803170921


    Philips AED Wall Sign Red

    Overview This is a quality made AED sign by Philips that hangs above an AED cabinet and gives even greater visibility to the defibrillator. AED wall signs are a must have for easier visibility during an emergency. The plastic silk screened sign is...

  • Philips clear AED Wall Mount


    AED Wall Mount

    Philips Healthcare Clear AED Wall Bracket   Display your Philips HeartStart OnSite, FRx, FR2, or FR3 AEDs proudly while making them readily accessible when needed.    The Wall Mount Bracket is designed specifically for housing a Philips...

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